I must say that I related immensely to this blog post by Allison; honestly, it reminded me much of my own post “Can you switch it on?” in the way that we both discuss the difficulty in allowing oneself to let creativity flow and trusting ourselves to create something great with “openness to creative methods” without letting ourselves be discouraged by the pressure to be perfect or to fulfill someone else’s expectations of originality.

She is a musician as I am an artist and I believe that when writing these reviews, we both thought about the fact that it is harder to strive for self-fulfilled excellence than it is to conform to society’s idea of creative genius. We both agree that one must trust their own artistic gut, in any creative form, and that this confidence in our abilities is what leads to true, unadulterated creativity. I believe that Allison hit the nail on the head with this post, because she spoke from a place of a genuine artist and explained her struggles that many other artists feel as well.

Creative intimidation must be put aside and an unpolluted space for imagination should be nurtured because as she said, “You start to be good when you enjoy it. You only improve when you trust your own creativity and mind”.