Overall, I did like Kaitlin’s Photoshop presentation; I thought she did a good job finding unique patterns/textures to manipulate and picking an independent movie that was both not well known and that went along perfectly with the theme of her research presentation.

For her final connotative image, I understand what she was going for by using the circular pattern to depict how someone may feel as though they are spinning or losing control due to a social media addiction. However, with that being said, I feel as though I would have liked to see her do something a little different that may have had a more direct connotation, such as using the cloning tool to clone the media posts and paste them everywhere around the main character to show that she is completely surrounded by both her vanity and her obsession. I also would have liked to see her use a little more variety in the screen grabs she chose from the movie; I felt like they were almost all very similar and the woman was doing the same thing in many of them. More variety would have just given her more to work with, but overall I think this presentation was a great effort and she really captured the theme she was going for.

This image above relates to Kaitlin’s image, although they are not exactly similar, because they both show how someone can be so caught up in looking at their phone and tracking their social media presence that they don’t see the world around them and don’t care about anything else.