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The Future: Designing for Inclusion — January 4, 2019

The Future: Designing for Inclusion

I’ve always wondered how people with certain disabilities are able to function in society on a daily basis, such as how a person with dyslexia could navigate the internet or even simply a search engine. Or if a deaf person wants to go see a movie in theaters but there are no subtitles and they cannot read lips. And it is even much worse for the people who actually have these disabilities and must deal with these issues every single day than it is for me who just wonders about them. But the people who wonder about these issues are important too, such as Melanie Williams and Justine Lee, for they are those who design solutions to these problems to make the lives of these people better. To design for the future is to design for all those living on the earth, to create an all-inclusive experience for everyone.

Can you switch it on? —

Can you switch it on?

Adam Attas claims that creativity is not a switch, that generating creative outputs is not something one can control on a whim. I agree, but I believe that allowing oneself the space and patience to allow creativity to flourish is a choice that can be controlled, or switched on.

Painting is a passion of mine and most of the time I find it really hard to think of interesting ideas and put them onto the canvas the way I see them in my head. I am much too scared to be vulnerable and try a new technique that ultimately may not work out in my favor. What if the painting comes out really ugly and I hate it? What if the disappointment I feel causes me to lose inspiration to continue painting? The patience necessary to be vulnerable is what really matters in this situation; so, switch on the patience.

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